The flagship store of iStores - Apple Premium Reseller in the Czech Republic is opening in Ostrava in OC Forum Nová Karolina

Fans of the iconic Apple brand can head to the shopping and entertainment centre, Forum Nová Karolina in Ostrava for training, workshops, techno news, or just consultations with experts. A new iStores Apple Premium Reseller will open here on Friday 16 June. With an area of almost 200 square metres, it is the largest iStores store in the Czech Republic, which will become the flagship of the entire network.

The tenant has been in the OC Forum for several years already. They have now relocated and expanded, and the shop, which impresses at first glance with its top design concept, is now situated directly across from the main entrance. In compliance with the Apple brand concept, it won´t be just another bricks and mortar shop: it wants to motivate existing and future customers with a professional live program, high-quality friendly services and consultations.

"We want to be a reliable base for the general public and also for experts who adore the Apple brand. For those who are interested, we will organize regular workshops and tailored training. Clients can also come to us for complex solutions that are related to information and communication technologies, " says Michal Adamčík, WESTech CZ s.r.o. director, who is connected with the largest store network iSetos Apple Premium Reseller in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the future, they plan to have to an in-store repair centre for iOS devices.

According to Lenka Matthews, Leasing & Commercialisation Director, from Active Retail Asset Management (ARAM), iStores extends the list of premium brands in Forum Nová Karolina: "Their expansion, to more than twice the original area, shows the excellent conditions of our centre and its importance within the region. At the same time it proves that the most successful are tenants with high added value, who also guarantees a great attitude to customers. " During this year, ARAM will announce other names that will increase the centre‘s attractiveness.

OC Forum Nová Karolina shows a constant growth in both sales and attendance. In 2016, 7% more customers came to this modern centre in the middle of Ostrava and spending increased by 5% compared to 2015. This trend has continued for the first half of this year.  Explaining the reasons for the success of OC Forum Nová Karolina, director Martin Kubík says, "We modify what’s on offer, we constantly invest in the quality of the environment and we are moving forward with the growing request for leisure activities".