The first Starbucks in the East of the Czech Republic opens in autumn in OC Futurum

Active Retail Asset Management, s.r.o. (ARAM) is expanding its offer in the shopping and entertainment centre, Futurum Hradec Králové.  The worldwide known US chain, Starbucks, will officially open its newest branch here in October. The coffee shop, with an area of 130 square metres, will become the first branch in the Hradec Králové region, but also in the whole northern and eastern Czech Republic.

OC Futurum's year-on-year increases in sales and attendance is mainly due to improved service and food-court levels. OC Futurum´s customers can already find Asian cuisine, fast foods favourites such as KFC and McDonald's, the healthy nutrition of Salatari UGO and the Fruitisimo concept.  On top of this you can find the Boulevard Bageteri and the vegetarian concept, vegg-go.

These choices will be further supplemented by a branch of the Starbucks chain this autumn.  This will make Hradec Králové the fourth city in the Czech Republic to boast a coffee shop from this famous brand.

"We took over the Futurum Hradec Králové shopping centre in the spring 2015. Our main task for this well loved and popular centre is still mainly the continued improvement of the tenant mix and the introduction of new and popular brands. One of the segments we are intensively focusing on is the food-court. We are proud to get a new concept of the Starbucks Café, which opens for customers in the autumn. To enter the Hradec Králové region, they chose Futurum" said Lenka Matthews, Rental manager of Active Retail Asset Management.

The cafe will be sited in a 130m² area and will have a capacity of more than 60 seats.  It will be designed according to Starbucks philosophy, in a concept reminiscent of the first branch founded in Seattle. Dark wood and green elements will be predominent.

Experienced barista‘s will prepare coffee and tea from some of the world's finest ingredients which are imported from around the globe. The wide selection includes a large range of coffee variations with classical processing; the popular Frappuccino range of Cream Frappuccino® Blended Beverage and Coffee Frappuccino® Blended Beverage, and for the summer period is a spiced range of iced coffees or Starbucks © Cold Brew range.

Guests can also enjoy the pleasure from a delicious espresso, Frappuccino or latte, with variations in sugar-free, lactose-free, and with soy or coconut milk. Other popular drinks are decaffeinated coffees or chocolate for the children. The staff will happily prepare your drink into a traditional cup, with the customer´s name written on it, so that it suits their individual requirements and taste preferences.

The new café will also offer around 15 job opportunities which will be available for students and temporary workers.