OC Forum Nová Karolina in Ostrava – five record breaking years

The shopping and entertainment centre Forum. Nová Karolina in Ostrava’s centre was first open. to the public in March 2012. The centre has brought. a number of new international as well as local. Czech concepts to the Moravian-Silesian metropolis..

During their five years of operation, the centre has expanded their offers in the segment of food & beverage and leisure activities. That is also why attendance to the centre and tenants’ turnovers increased by around 10–15% per year. Last year there were more than nine million visitors. Both operation and lease of the 58,000 sqm OC Forum Nová Karolina are managed by the company Active Retail Asset Management (ARAM), which has filled the centre very quickly with the best fashion and leisure concepts in the region.

Thanks to great results, Nová Karolina has recently gained a number of new tenants, especially in the fashion segment, including the recently opened GATE brand, and 4F or Columbia in the last year. The premium fashion segment has expanded thanks to brands like British Barbour or
Czech traditional fashion Park Avenue.

The Tiger shop, which is leasing an area of 317 sq m, received a tremendous response from amongst customers. The fact that tenants of the OC Forum Nová Karolina are doing so well is also provided by several extensions to either realized or planned existing concepts. For instance, the
brand Lindex, which specializes in fashion for women and children, has expanded their area from 221 sq m to 623 sqm. The concepts of Manufaktura and Pandora have expanded to double its size. This year, there will be the expansion of Terranova, from their original 385 sq m to
833 sq m. Apple, which is to take up 194 sq m within the premium part of the centre, is also expanding.

Together with a gradual expansion in the area of fashion and fashion accessories, also expanding is the segment of leisure time and food & beverage, which is generally doing well throughout Europe. With regards to Forum Nová Karolina, these concepts are already exceeding 7% of
the overall area and keep on expanding.

Visitors have the opportunity to choose from several new formats and an even more versatile menu. What literally is revolutionary is the expanding offer of UGO Salaterie, which is within its area of 328 sq m, attracted by a healthy menu as well as fresh vegetables and other excellent food. The offer of healthy refreshments is, for instance, complemented by the chain of vegg-go, which specializes in vegan and vegetarian dishes.

The management of OC Forum Nová Karolina will continue this year in their acquisition of international and local brands. Some of them are thinking about entering the Czech retail market precisely this way, via the shopping centre in Ostrava. It is already clear that the segments that are to strengthen are those of fashion, food, refreshments and leisure activities.